Monsey Fire Department Captain Recognized by NYC Mayor for Efforts During Rescue in NYC

Monsey Fire Department Captain Recognized by NYC Mayor for Efforts During Rescue in NYC

Rockland Daily Staff

Rockland Resident, Captain Matt Condon, who also serves as a dispatcher for the New York City Fire Department, was recognized by Mayor Eric Adams for outstanding work during a demanding and challenging call on November 5. 

Condon was one of two dispatchers who remained calm under extreme pressure while sending out fire units for an emergency call from occupants of a high-rise apartment building at 429 East Sand Street in New York City.

During the traumatic three-alarm fire, in which more than forty of the building's occupants were injured, seven critically, Matt ensured all proper units were in place and handled panicked callers. He kept the building's occupants calm, instructing them to shelter in place while relaying critical information to firefighters throughout the 21-story rescue effort. 

The proclamation issued by Mayor Eric Adams to Condon declares, "By acting quickly and professionally to coordinate the FDNY's response to a dangerous, three-alarm fire, Fire Alarm Dispatcher Condon demonstrated remarkable valor and selflessness and protected the lives of his fellow New Yorkers. He also exemplified why our fire department is the best in the world. I am truly grateful for his heroism and service, and I look forward to the many ways this outstanding public servant wilt further strengthen New York as we continue to #GetStuffDone, advance fire safety education, and forge a brighter, safer future for all."

Photo Credit: Monsey Fire Department

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