Monsey Eruv Works to Include Newer Areas

Monsey Eruv Works to Include Newer Areas

By M. C. Millman

As a result of the recent Monsey Eruv Campaign, two Rockland areas bordering the existing eruv are presently being explored and tentatively considered for their expansion feasibility.

The Monsey Eruv is known for the reliability of the organization's dedicated members. Its halachic status meets the highest standards. Educating the more than eighty members available for weekly inspections of the eruv from Wednesday through Friday, planning, constructing, adhering to safety, expanding, and upkeeping the eruv, are all the ways the Monsey Eruv repeatedly ensures that every single Shabbos the eruv is kosher for the entire community.

"People are moving into areas outside of the Monsey Eruv on all sides," Rabbi Chaim M. Steinmetz, the Monsey Eruv's rabbinical advisor, tells Rockland Daily. "We are trying to do as much as we can to have as many families as possible included in the eruv. Those living outside the general Monsey Eruv have difficulties if one street is included and the next is not, especially if they are visiting. They don't know where the eruv begins and ends."

Many of the new areas under consideration are at the planning stage. Many steps are required before they can be confirmed as viable eruv candidates. There are permits needed and permissions required for each area. It can be especially challenging if a site doesn't have telephone poles utilized by most of the Monsey eruv areas.

"Sometimes it takes years until it happens," Rabbi Steinmetz explains. "The more people get involved, and the more a community applies pressure about how much they need an eruv, and most importantly the more siyata dishmaya they have, the more likely it is they will have an eruv set up."

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