Memorable Visit of Satmar Rebbe to Newly-Opened Mefoar Judaica Location in Williamsburg

Memorable Visit of Satmar Rebbe to Newly-Opened  Mefoar Judaica Location in Williamsburg

On Friday morning, the Rebbe of Satmar stopped by to visit the magnificent new Williamsburg storefront of Mefoar Judaica, the firm that has maintained its position at the forefront of the Judaica retail scene over the years.

The new space on Wallabout St. between Marcy and Union has been renovated and furnished in recent months and has now opened its doors to the community as a destination where shoppers of all ages will stop by for their religious shopping needs.

The Rebbe was invited to put up the mezuzahs in the new storefront, and on Friday morning, he was joined by three of his sons to mark this memorable occasion. The Rebbe himself affixed the mezuzah on the main entrance before directing his son, the Rav of Sigit, to put up another mezuzah. The world-renowned community askan R’ Zelig Mendlowitz was also present during the event.

Upon performing the mitzvah, the Rebbe was taken on a tour of the store, where he spent a lengthy period of time observing the many products that Mefoar Judaica has produced to meet the requirements of beautifying Hashem’s mitzvohs. He observed how Klal Yisroel is willing and ready to spend great sums to perform these holy mitzvohs to the highest standards.

The Rebbe specifically remarked on how Mefoar has gone to great lengths to produce many different types of tzitzis, designed to meet 40 distinct halachic opinions of how tzitzis should be manufactured. A conversation was then spearheaded by the Rebbe regarding the many different halachos involved in tzitzis production.

At the conclusion of the visit, store owner R’ Yakov Dovid Roth handed over a large number of hand-produced silk gartels for the Rebbe to distribute to his family ahead of the upcoming Yom Tov season. The Rebbe expressed extreme gratitude for his kindhearted gesture.

The attendees then sang, thanking Hashem for helping lead to this big moment, and the Rebbe then shared his warmest wishes that this endeavor should be greeted with much success.

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