Living Legacy: Rebbe Menachem Nochum of Makarov

Living Legacy: Rebbe Menachem Nochum of Makarov

Yehuda Alter

The seventh day of Tishrei marks the yohrtzeit of Rebbe Menachem Nochum Twersky of Makarov, one of eight sons of the Chernobyler Maggid.

He was born to Rebbe Mordechai of Chernobyl, son of the Me’or Einayim, in the year 1804. His mother was the daughter of Rebbe Dovid Leikes, a prize student of the Ba’al Shem Tov.

When the time came for marriage, Rebbe Mordechai married the daughter of Rebbe Aaron of Karlin, and together they bore three children. Rebbe Aaron of Chernobyl, Rebbe Moshe of Karischov, and Rebbe Yaakov Yisroel of Cherkas (from whom the Hornosteipeler dynasty emanates). When the Rebbetzin was niftar young, he remarried Rebbetzin Feigel, the daughter of Rebbe Dovid Leikes.

The Rebbe of Rav Menachem Nochum was none other than his father, Rebbe Mottele of Chernobyl.

The Rebbe married Rebbetzin Hinda Mattel, the daughter of Rebbe Yosef of Turtchin, and a granddaughter of the Chozeh of Lublin.

Although it was the custom of the Me’or Einayim and his son Rebbe Mordechai to say Torah at length, the sons of Rebbe Mordechai were divided in this. Four did say Torah in public, while four, including Rebbe Menachem Nachum, did not say Torah at the tish.

Once, the Rebbe and his brother, the Skverer Rebbe, were traveling with their father, the Chernobyler Maggid. They arrived at their destination late at night, and the wagon they were traveling in overturned. The three were toppled from the wagon, and the maggid sustained heavy injuries. He later said that this was the exact place where Kayin killed Hevel.

The Rebbe was known as a man of great holiness, and countless people streamed to him to witness his great avodah and to get brochos from him. He was known to be a great ba’al mofes. His avodah in davening was especially otherworldly, and through this, he brought many people closer to their Creator.

The Rebbe’s neshomoh left this world on 7 Tishrei of the year 1852, and he was interred in Makarov, where a refurbished ohel stands today. His son and successor was Rebbe Yaakov Yitzchok of Makarov, and through him, as well as his other children, there are many descendants alive today of Rebbe Menachem Nochum of Makarov. Zechuso yagein aleinu. 

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