Kids Cook: Rainbow Cake Pops

Kids Cook: Rainbow Cake Pops

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You will need:

Frosted cupcakes 


Baking chocolate 

Lollipop sticks 


Step-by-step instructions:

Step #1: Crumble all your cupcakes with the frosting included 

Step #2: Add icing to your crumbled cupcakes until you get a nice texture to be able to form balls

Step #3: Form a tablespoon size ball with your mixture and stick one lollipop stick into each 

Step #4: Place in freezer for a few minutes until it hardens

Step #5: Melt your chocolate and dip each cake, pop into the chocolate, letting the excess chocolate run down, and then into dips your sprinkles. 

Step #6: Place it on a cooking rack and let it cool. 

Serve and enjoy!

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