Keep Your Home Secure During Mid-Winter Vacation

Keep Your Home Secure During Mid-Winter Vacation

by M.C. Millman

With mid-winter vacation looming, leaving behind a secure home can increase peace of mind and enjoyment of time away.

 A little extra vigilance will help keep your property and belongings safer while you're gone and keep you from obsessing about security once you're on the road to fun and adventure.

Before leaving for any length of time, always double-check to make sure all doors are locked. Assess your windows to make sure they are locked and secured. 

If you have an alarm, this is the time to use it. 

It is also a good idea to check in with a trusted neighbor and let them know how long you plan to be gone. Ask them to take a quick look at your home now and then, check if there are any packages left by the door, and leave them a contact number should there be any reason to get in touch with you. 

Another suggestion is to call or visit your local post office to request that they stop mail delivery until you get back. Or you can ask a trusted neighbor if they can come by to pick the mail up for you. Ask them to put your garbage cans back as well if you are away during garbage pick-up days.

Make your home look lived in by setting timers so lights will go on and off after dark, including outdoor lights, which will keep unwelcome intruders away. 

Don't share that you are going on vacation where anyone can hear. And be careful not to post news and updates during your trip in a place people you don't know might see. 

Unplugging your garage door opener is also an effective way to keep thieves from opening it with a universal remote. 

If you are flying, don't leave a portable GPS in the car when you use long-term parking at the airport. Thieves can use it as a convenient map to your house once they know you're not home.

Following even one of the above suggestions will keep your home safer while you are away, and your vacation will be much more relaxing because of it. 

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