IRS Hires 5,000 Customer Service Agents

IRS Hires 5,000 Customer Service Agents

by YS Gold 

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has long suffered from the reputation of being inefficient and antiquated. If a recent hiring spree at a cost of $1 billion is any indication, they are determined to rid themselves of this rap. 

Industry watchers are pleased with what they are seeing so far. By the end of February, the agency had processed 1.9 million more returns and issued 5.4 million more refunds than this time last year. The IRS is also answering 90% of calls coming into its customer service lines, compared with 13% last year—according to the IRS itself.

The moneys allotted to the agency earlier this year by the federal government are meant for the agency to tighten enforcement as well as enhance customer service. 

Photo Credit: Flickr

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