‘Inside’ the Ice Cream Store: How Dazzle is Sweetening the Days of Monsey Residents

‘Inside’ the Ice Cream Store: How Dazzle is Sweetening the Days of Monsey Residents

BY: Yitzy Fried 

Monsey is a relatively new community, compared with other locales, and for decades has sufficed with a simpler way of life. But Dazzle is… well, dazzling, Monsey residents with their incredibly large selection of ice cream flavors, as well as a growing menu, and expanding hours to serve the local community throughout the day. 

Rockland Daily spoke with Dazzle’s owner, Shimmy Stern, who explained that the industry is actually in his blood; his father is the proprietor of Flavors Ice Cream Shop, which many of our readers may recall from their summer visits to Fallsburg, where this establishment is painted a unique rainbow of colors, and has served as a sweet spot for thousands of children and adults over the years. 

And Shimmy is building on the tradition. 

A young entrepreneur, he launched Dazzle at the Spring Valley Marketplace about one years. Located in this busy shopping center, on the outskirts of Monsey proper, has been attracting streams of customers from the growing communities throughout Rockland County. 

Shimmy explains that—although, by design, he is seeking to maintain the character of Monsey’s first kosher ice cream store as just that… a robust offering of fifty ice cream flavors—he wants Dazzle to be attractive to customers for far beyond ice cream. 

“Our pizza—made fresh every day, with our unique recipe, and baked in our brick oven—has become a legend around Monsey,” he says. “And our calzones, sushi, soups, salads… and so many other foods… have all been a tremendous attraction.” 

Still, Stern insisted on placing the oven and deep fryers in the back of the store… away from the ice cream area… so customers are still faced with a… dazzling ice cream experience when entering the store. 

But for Shimmy, the foundation for a wonderful customer experience at his establishment begins even before the food. “Our emphasis on cleanliness, especially designed high benches so people can enjoy their food in privacy, and good maintenance of the establishment have been a top priority at Dazzle,” he says. 

“Some of our favorites include the “Dazzle blend drinks”—a variety of specially-crafted drinks—such as “peanut butter volcano,” and others. 

So, what’s next for Dazzle? 

Says Shimmy: “We are introducing a full breakfast menu in the coming weeks—which will bring customers in for a healthy and satisfying start to their day… and we are looking to opens new branches, bringing the unique Dazzle experience to kosher consumers in other Jewish communities.”

 ‘Inside’ takes Rockland Daily readers inside the establishments, institutions, and people in our Rockland community. 

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