GOP Spending $1 Million in TV Advertising for Assemblyman Mike Lawler

GOP Spending $1 Million in TV Advertising for Assemblyman Mike Lawler

by M.C. Millman 

Republican Assemblyman Mike Lawer is receiving assistance to unseat Democratic Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney in NY's 17th Congressional District.

To help Lawler defeat Maloney, the Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF), the political action committee, is allocating $1 million to TV advertising. This is the first time the GOP's CLF has spent money on this district. 

Maloney is the current chair of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as of 2021. The committee recruits candidates, raises funds, and organizes races in districts expected to yield close or politically notable elections.

Lawler welcomed the support from GOP's CLF on Monday. According to reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, Maloney had $2.4 million in cash on hand, while Lawler had $435,588. 

Lawler commented on this, saying, "The investment from the Congressional Leadership Fund confirms that this is a real race. They're seeing what we're saying. This is a wave election year and time to put this seat into play."

The GOP CLF announced it is spending $37 million on new ads on Monday. The money will cover 20 House races in the nation, including $1 million for the 17th Congressional District.  

Dan Conston, CLF President, said, "There is incredible energy behind the fight to elect a new Republican Majority, and it only continues to grow by the day. Republicans are in a great position to win the House, and we're adding more firepower to the arsenal we need to make it a reality."

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