Fabuwood Gives Away Trailer of Cabinets to New Square Residents

Fabuwood Gives Away Trailer of Cabinets to New Square Residents

BY: Yitzy Fried 

Monday evening, a large tractor-trailer pulled up to the parking lot of Ateres Charna, on the outskirts of Skver. It was filled to the brim with overstock cabinets produced by Fabuwood Cabinet Company, near Newark. What prompted the company to haul tens of thousands of dollars worth of cabinetry was a profit of another sort; the treasure of helping fellow Yidden in need. 

R’ Yirmiah Rosenberg, head of customer relations at the company, explained, “Our company operates on a very unique set of principles, which stand out in our industry. This comes directly from our COO, Reb Yoel Epstein, a legendary askan who never turns anyone away, and is always on the lookout for a way to help. 

Rosenberg shared that every day, the company’s Shul, Khal Ovdei Hashem, receives about 200 visitors from the outside. “There are three minyanim for shachris, and more for mincha and maariv. People coming in and out of Newark will come over for this special atmosphere that puts avodas Hashem above all else,” he said. 

He explained that when cabinet companies are left with overstock from a discontinued line, most companies will seek a way to maximize profits by restoring, repainting, or refurbishing them so they can be sold… not so at Fabuwood. 

“My boss sees an opportunity to help those who could otherwise not afford new cabinets. And so, working with a group of askonim, he has given away multiple trailers full, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, in multiple communities,” Rosenberg says. 

“It’s the higher route to becoming the fastest-growing cabinet company in the United States.” 

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