Exclusive: O&R and Monsey Eruv Hold Collaborative Demo

Exclusive: O&R and Monsey Eruv Hold Collaborative Demo

by M.C. Millman

Orange & Rockland's safety engineer teams participated in a collaborative demonstration of Monsey Eruv techniques to review and improve safety protocols. 

The meetings, which were arranged several months ago, took place in O&R's training yard behind the O&R offices on Route 59. The event served a multi-pronged purpose. It allowed the Monsey Eruv team to demonstrate how they put up the eruv while allowing O&R's safety engineers to review and examine the technique to make sure everything is being done in accordance with safety standards. 

"We discussed many options on how to put up the eruv in different scenarios," Rabbi Chaim M. Steinmetz, Rav for the Monsey Eruv, shares with Rockland Daily. "Our mutual goal is to ensure we go about this in the best and safest way for both of us. We discussed what PVC is best to use, the most appropriate height and place to put it, the color of the string, and how to attach the string. Basically, we discussed every detail of the process of putting up the eruv and went over how to make sure O&R is okay with what we are doing every step of the way.

The Monsey Eruv also discussed the possibility of putting up their own string on the poles instead of using the Verizon cables, which is the method presently being utilized, as this would upgrade the overall kashrus of the eruv. 

"A collaboration of this sort hasn't been done for many years. Over that time, there have been new engineers hired at O&R who benefited from the awareness the morning meeting created. Additionally, there have been upgrades to the standards in how the eruv should be put up, including the quality of the materials being utilized, which it was beneficial to review." 

Any issues spotted by O&R spots result in an email being sent with the specifications of how to correct the job, which the Monsey Eruv is quick to comply with.

"We were glad to have the opportunity to show the O&R engineers  methods we weren't using before," Rabbi Steinmetz says, "and also to demonstrate ones we would like to start doing as there have been a number of changes since our last meeting as the Monsey Eruv continues to evolve." 

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