ERCSD President Shimon Rose Wants to Ensure All Children Get the Education and Busing they Deserve

ERCSD President Shimon Rose Wants to Ensure All Children Get the Education and Busing they Deserve

By Yehudit Garmaise

A year and a half after Ward 4 first elected Shimon Rose, who has lived in Chestnut Ridge for 10 years, to serve on the East Ramapo Central School Board (ERCSD), last night, the board elected him to serve as president.

Today, Rockland Daily asked Rose about his plans for his one-year term that started July 1 and will run to June 30, 2023.

Rockland Daily (RD):  How do you respond to the allegations that discrimination exists in bussing in East Ramapo?

Shimon Rose (SR):  I just want to be clear that there is absolutely no discrimination involved in busing in East Ramapo. Every single child receives busing, no matter how far he or she lives in the school.

RD: What is your response to that complaint of some in the community that the ERCSD budget imposes high taxes on Orthodox Jewish residents who do not benefit from the services funded by those taxes?

SR: The fact that many families send their children to private schools doesn’t preclude them from paying taxes for the public schools, which are available and free for every American child.

In addition, compared to neighboring districts, our taxes are not higher and may even be a little lower.

RD: What changes do you most want to see in the ERCSD? 

SR: I would love to see the district get more state aid, but that is up to our state’s representatives.

RD: What do you most want to achieve as school board president for the entire community and for the Jewish community?

SR:  My main goal is to ensure that every single child public and private gets the education and services he or she deserves. I also would like to ensure that all children always get to school on time. We are looking out to recruit more vendors, more drivers, and make sure everyone receives their bus passes on time.

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