Congressman Lee Zeldin Takes to the Campaign Trail in Rockland

Congressman Lee Zeldin Takes to the Campaign Trail in Rockland

By M.C. Millman

Congressman Lee Zeldin took to the campaign trail in Rockland County on Tuesday morning, making several stops, including New Square, Monsey’s Community Outreach Center, Monsey Town Square, Munkatcher Yeshiva, and Viznitz Yeshiva.

Assemblyman Mike Lawler accompanied the Congressman as they met with elected leaders, community leaders, and residents throughout the morning. Discussions at every stop along the way focused on current issues, primarily yeshiva education, where the Congressman took a firm stand in support of the yeshiva education system. 

Other topics discussed included crime, security, and bail reform. The Congressman has been clear throughout his campaign that as NYS governor, he will be tough on crime, will remove the revolving door policy that New York's present bail system has created, and will champion changes that will create greater security for all New Yorkers.

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