Confronted Delivery Truck Driver Flees Across State Lines With Cell of Driver

Confronted Delivery Truck Driver Flees Across State Lines With Cell of Driver

By M. C. Millman

Around 8 a.m. on Tuesday, June 28,  a Monsey driver was making a left turn from Route 59 to Robert Pit Drive when an impatient delivery truck driver went around the car to make the turn first. 

"When the delivery truck illegally went through the yellow lines on the right to pass me," the driver told Rockland Daily, "he almost crushed my car. It felt like the truck had hit it. I cut him off and got out of the car to confront him and see if my car was damaged." 

The car driver took out his phone to video the truck and its license plate when the truck driver jumped out of his cab and grabbed for the phone before getting back into his truck with the cellphone. 

"He drove to the All Fresh parking lot," the car driver continues. "There were already a few cars following him who had seen what had happened. About six of us blocked him in the parking lot to keep him from leaving. We were all honking, and the All Fresh staff came out too, so he came over and gave me back my phone before driving off. 

"I still wanted to make sure the accident was reported to the police, so I called 911 and followed him."

The truck driver ran a red light on Saddle River Road while trying to make a getaway before crossing into New Jersey. The 911 operator told the car driver that he shouldn't continue following the truck. 

In the end, a few minutes after the car driver had given up the pursuit, the police pulled the truck driver over and ticketed him for traffic violations. The driver of the car did not want to press his own charges feeling that the apology the truck driver delivered over the phone in the presence of the police demonstrated enough regret without requiring further consequences.

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