Kids Cook: Delicious Deli Roll

  • May 28 2023
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  • 2:30 PM

Summer Zucchini Boats

  • May 24 2023
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  • 12:57 PM

Kids Cook: Shavuos Blossoms

Perfect recipe for Shavuos and your blossoming Kids Cook.  Stand back and let the smiles bloom!

You will need.... read more

Chocolate Chip Brownie Squares

If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I don’t bake. I’ve never mastered the science behind.... read more

Kids Cook: Picnic Lunch Skewers

Ready for some picnic fun? Enjoy these mess-free, ready-to-eat picnic sandwich skewers. Your Kids.... read more

Culinary Corner: Hot Honey Orange Pistachio Salmon

Sweet and spicy, flaky and crunchy. This recipe has flavor and.... read more

BONUS! Kids Cook: Lag B'Omer Matchless Fiery Treats

What kid doesn't love Lag B'Omer? And this year, they'll love it even more with our Kids Cook Bonus Lag B'Omer Matchless Fiery Treats, a recipe.... read more

Kids Cook: Rice Cake Pops

Chocolate and peanut butter - a perfect match for the perfect snack for every Kids Cook.  Enjoy this.... read more

Kids Cook: Breakfast Strawberry Milkshake

Refreshing strawberry drink your kids will enjoy polishing off as much as putting it together. A.... read more

Mini Pizza Bites

You will need

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Erev Pesach Kids Cook: Banana Pops

Kids Cooks will go bananas for this recipe. Perfect kid-friendly snack for the Pesadika home through Pesach and beyond.

You will.... read more

Eggplant Chickpea Salad

I created this recipe, and then I found myself picking from the pot all day! Serve it as a side dish or with.... read more

Kids Cook: Cherry Pie Cupcakes

You will need:

3 cups flour 

One egg 

One cup.... read more

Kids Cook: Pasta Skewers

You will need:

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Butternut Squash Flanken Soup

If you are on the hunt for a hearty soup, this recipe is for you! This.... read more

Recipes: Charred Eggplant Soup with Chickpea Croutons

This unique soup is unlike anything you have ever had before. The flavors are sophisticated and tantalizing. The.... read more

Kids Cook: Rainbow Cake Pops

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You.... read more

Announcing the Winner of the Kids Cook Contest!

With so many kids in the kitchen, it was a hard call.

Mazel tov to the Weinberg Family! 

Every one of your photos was a.... read more

Recipes: Honey Soy Chicken

Have you found yourself asking “What else can I make with chicken cutlets” recently? If the answer is yes, then this is the recipe for you!.... read more