Federal Agency May Ban Gas Stoves, Citing Harmful Pollutants

by Rockland Daily StaffThe US Consumer Product Safety Commission is considering banning the use of gas stoves, which they say may cause health and.... read more

Around the House: Streamline Your Kitchen Counters for Good

By Yehudit GarmaiseAre you sick of looking at items in your kitchen, like your crock pot, coffee maker, and fruits and vegetables piled in a.... read more

Rockland County Administers 14,071 Polio Vaccines Since First Confirmed Case of Polio in Rockland

By Mindy CohnTo date, Rockland County has administered 14,071 polio vaccines since the single confirmed case of polio was detected in a resident.... read more

Rockland Police Officers Recognized for Heroism

Rockland Daily StaffOver a dozen Rockland police officers were recognized last week for their heroism and professionalism during various incidents.... read more

Today in History: French Balloonist Takes the First Balloon Flight in the U.S.

by M.C. Millman Jean-Pierre Blanchard sparked a national interest in ballooning when he took the first balloon flight in the U.S. on January 9,.... read more

Daylight Savings Bill Brought to an Abrupt Halt Through Efforts of Agudath Israel

The effort in the 117th Congress to permanently extend “daylight savings time” (DST) came to an end, as the House of Representatives refused to.... read more

Kolel Balabatim Holds Siyum Celebrating Torah Accomplishments

By: Yitzy FriedA cornerstone of the Satmar Rebbe’s chinuch to his chassidim has always been strong kviyas ittim l’Torah for balebatim. With a.... read more

US Army WWII Veteran and Purple Heart Recipient Celebrates 100th Birthday

by Rockland Daily StaffKurt Rossman, a US Army WWII Veteran and Purple Heart recipient, celebrated his one-hundredth birthday on Thursday, January.... read more

Missionaries on the Move in Monsey Neighborhood

by M.C. MillmanRockland residents are warned that at least one couple is going around knocking on doors proselytizing. "I only spoke to them via.... read more

Newark Liberty Airport's Terminal A Scheduled to Open Next Week

By Mindy CohnNewark Liberty Airport's $2.7 billion newly rebuilt Terminal A will open next week on Thursday, January 12, a little more than a month.... read more

Monsey Memories: David Shapiro, Supporter of Torah

By Yitzy Fried Back in 1942, Spring Valley was a true oasis, and many wealthy people moved out there, residing in beautiful homes amid the fresh.... read more

Rockland County Legislature Fills Leadership Posts for 2023

The Rockland County Legislature filled its leadership posts Wednesday night, reelecting Jay Hood Jr. as Chairman and returning Aney Paul as Vice.... read more

Parsha Pearls: Sweet Holy Sleep

by Yochonon DonnSleep. Children hate it. Teenagers can’t get enough of it. Adults have a love/hate relationship with it. Older people crave.... read more

235 Million Twitter Accounts Hacked

by Mindy CohnEmail addresses from 235 million Twitter accounts have been shared on an underground hacking forum exposing accounts and endangering.... read more

Weekend Weather: Clearing up and Cooling Down

By: Yaker Biegeleisen We have had a pattern of cloudy and rainy weather for the second part of the week, but the temperatures remained.... read more

Majority of Big Banks Predict Global Recession, Though Mild, in 2023

By Meir SternhillThe big banks are wary of making predictions after getting inflation so wrong last year, but over two-thirds of them are expecting a.... read more