BDE: Rebetzin Tziporah Goldman A”h of Zvihl

BDE: Rebetzin Tziporah Goldman A”h of Zvihl

It is with deep sadness that we report on the passing of Rebbetzin Tziporah Goldman, a”h, the Rebbetzin of the Zvehiller Rebbe of Monsey, and the daughter of the Skverer Rebbe, shlit”a. 

The nifteres, a scion of the courts or Skver and Viznitz, was born in New Square close to fifty-six years ago, and was raised in the cradle of the Skverer Chassidus. 

Even after her marriage to the future Zvehiller Rebbe, Rav Eliezer Goldman, shlit”a, the couple remained living in Skver. 

In later years, they moved to Monsey, where her husband established the Zviller court, and where they continued to raise an illustrious family steeped in Torah and chassidus, in the ways of their holy forbearers. 

The Rebbetzin collapsed in her home on Erev Shabbos Va’eschanahan-Nachamu, and had been unconscious since that time. 

Sunday afternoon, she returned her neshamah to its maker, plunging her family, the Zviller community around the world, and the entire Skverer chassidus into sadness and mourning. 

The Levaya will take place at the Zviller Beis Medrash in Monsey, 73 Union Road, at 3:45 this afternoon, and at 5:00 in front of the main Skverer Beis Medrash in New Square, where she will be mourned by the rebbe and his family, along with thousands of chassidim. She will be laid to rest in the Ohel of the previous Skverer Rebetzin A”h.

Yehi Zichra Baruch.

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