BDE: Reb Yerachmiel Nachum Sternberg, z”l

BDE: Reb Yerachmiel Nachum Sternberg, z”l

By: Rockland daily staff 

We are saddened to inform you of the petirah of R’ Yerachmiel Nachum Sternberg, longtime resident of Monsey. He was 74 years of age. 

He was born in the Bronx of the 1940’s, a time when the neighborhood teemed with Jewish life—with hundreds of Shula large and small. But this did not mean that Yiddishkeit was easy.. His parents had arrived here before the war, into a world where it was acceptable to cast off the ways of the old world. It took incredible mesirus nefesh to overcome the winds of those times—a nisayon that the young Yerachmiel Nachum overcame with tremendous tenacity. 

His ability to do so was due in part to the deep connection that he had to the Kossonier Rebbe who lived in the Bronx. He remained connected to Kosson throughout the years. 

Throughout his life, he was known as a chassidishe Yid to his core, and a yerei Shomayim. 

The aron left for Eretz Yisroel on Motzei Shabbos, with the Levaya and kevura taking place Sunday in Eretz Yisroel. 

The niftar leaves behind beautiful generations, with children residing in America and Eretz Yisroel. 

Yehi Zichro Baruch

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