BDE: Reb Leibel Greenberg, z”l, Senior Skverer Chossid

BDE: Reb Leibel Greenberg, z”l, Senior Skverer Chossid

BY: Rockland Daily Staff 

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of Reb Leibel Greenberg, z”l, of Skver, a meshamesh of the Skverer Rebbes. He was approaching eighty years old. 

He hailed from a family of Shiniever chassidim who came to America around the turn of the century. They struggled valiantly to keep Yiddishkeit in America, living on the Lower East Side and later in Williamsburg. 

Here, Leibel became close to the previous Skverer Rebbe, who drew him close. 

One Shabbos, the Skverer Rebbe called him over during leining on Shabbos, saying: “Leibel stand here, with me.” And there he remained… for close to half a century, he had the chazaka of standing next to the Skverer Rebbe during leining. 

He also had the distinction of being present by the skverer Rebbes seder on Pesach night, a tradition that has been passed on to his children. 

Reb Leibel was known for his extreme temimus and emunah peshutah, being meticulous in every halacha and minhag. He would be seen reciting tehillim and chok l’Yisroel, and davening with great deveikus. 

He leaves behind a beautiful family of chassidim and yirei Shomayim. 

The levaya will take place today at the skverer beis medrash at 4:30

Yehi Zichro Baruch.

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