BDE: Rav Zecharia Wallerstein, zt”l, advocate for our most vulnerable

BDE: Rav Zecharia Wallerstein, zt”l, advocate for our most vulnerable

By: Rockland Daily staff

With heavy hearts and deep sadness we inform you of the untimely petirah of Rav Zecharia Shimon Hakohen Wallerstein, zt”l, who leaves an indelible imprint on tens of thousands, countless transformed lives, and a great void in our community. He had battled an illness in recent years.

Rabbi Wallerstein was a trailblazer, and He was a pioneer in taking on the at-risk crisis in his unique fusion of deep love, passion for Yiddishkeit, and an ability to reach the souls that others would have given up on.

One of his greatest qualities—and he had many— was his humility. He openly discussed his own past struggles, as he cautioned and inspired our community. He delivered thousands of shiurim over the years, which will continue to inspire hearts and minds.

Rav Wallerstein founded Ohr Naava, a school which gave thousands of girls a second chance, as well as other institutions.

The Levaya will take place around 11:00 at East 23 corner Avenue V., In front of the Ohr Nava building. It will also be live-streamed at where so many of his shiurim will continue to be featured.

With his passing, thousands of struggling girls have lost a champion and an advocate, and our community has lost a voice of truth, passion, and clarity.

Yehi Zichro Baruch

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