BDE: Rav (“Mr.”) Avi Schulman, zt”l

BDE: Rav (“Mr.”) Avi Schulman, zt”l

By: Rockland Daily Staff 

We regret to inform you of the passing of Rav Avi Schulman, a Monsey-bred gadol, ba’al mussar, and ba’al machshava. He was in his eighties. 

Despite his greatness and his accomplishments, he insisted on being called “Mr.” 

He grew up in Temple Israel on Old Nyack Turnpike in Chestnut Ridge and was a pillar of old Monsey, his family being one of the pioneers of the Monsey community. 

He authored a number of popular books which will continue to inspire the public, and he helped countless people with their personal problems and in their marriages. 

He was one of the pioneers of Torah Umesorah’s Project SEED, which has brought countless people around the United States closer to Yiddishkeit.  

He was an inspiring speaker and a true eved Hashem.  

The Levaya is taking place now, at 10:00, in Beis Medrash Mikdash Dovid, 2 Hilltop Lane. 

Yehi Zichro baruch

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