BDE: R’ Chaim Pinkosovitch, a”h, Niftar in Monsey on Morning of Grandson’s Bris

BDE: R’ Chaim Pinkosovitch, a”h, Niftar in Monsey on Morning of Grandson’s Bris

by Yitzy Fried  

We are deeply saddened to inform you of the petirah of R’ Chaim Pinkosovitch, an ardent Viznitzer chossid from Williamsburg with deep ties to the Monsey community. He was an untimely 59 years of age, and suffered a heart attack this morning while in Monsey for the bris of a grandson. 

His father was Pinchas, z”l, a longtime Viznitzer chossid from the old home. As a bachur he went to learn in the Viznitzer yeshiva in Monsey, which was led by the Toras Mordechai of Viznitz. He was mekushar with heart and soul to the Rebbe and to Viznitz, later to his son, ybl”ch, the Viznitzer Rebbe of Williamsburg.  

“He was a truly noble Yid,” recalls one of his younger chaverim from the Viznitzer Shul on 6 Lee Avenue in Williamsburg. “He was always with a smile, and he smiled to everyone. He was such an important presence in the Shul… it is a terrible, shocking loss for all of us, and for so many who knew and admired him,” he said. 

The niftar worked hard for a living, supporting his family through his hard work. 

In the last while, he struggled with some health issues, but this never deterred him from coming to shul, and davening and learning earnestly. 

R’ Chaim was in Monsey last night for the vachnacht of a grandchild, and slept over there. When he awoke in the morning, he felt unwell, and passed away shortly thereafter—moments before the bris was set to take place, to the anguish and sadness of his family and acquaintances. 

The Levaya will take place at the Viznitzer shul in Williamsburg, 6 Lee Avenue, at 1:30, and at the Monsey Viznitzer shul at 3:30. Kevurah will be in Viznitzer beis Hachaim in Monsey. 

Yehi zichro baruch. 

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