8 Fun Hacks and Products to Try While Organizing for Pesach

8 Fun Hacks and Products to Try While Organizing for Pesach

By Yehudit Garmaise

1. Declutter: Walk around your house, apartment, garage, closets, and storage spaces, and make a list of anything and everything that can be thrown away, donated, and get picked up by Bulky Item Pick-Up. Helpful tip: Anything that has not been used or worn for a year is likely just taking up precious space. 

2. Store bulky winter clothes and blankets: As Spring blooms, heavy sweaters, blankets, and other winter items can be vacuum-packed and zipped up for storage to make way for lighter clothing and linens.

3. Use a “Lazy-Susan:” a circular, spinning tray, in cabinets or refrigerators so that you can easily see and access cleaning products, condiments, and other items. 

4. Put a damp towel on a broom: to clean ceilings from cobwebs, dust, and dirt.

5. Try Silly Putty: Sticky putties are fun products that clean keyboards, drawers, vents, car detailing, and other hard-to-reach places.

6. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: a “magic sponge” that is made from melamine foam, which is a mild, abrasive cleaning material that can remove everything from permanent marker stains, to scuff marks, and grime build-up.

7. Use a dryer sheet: to remove water residue on shower doors.

8.      Slice a lemon: and rub it stainless steel faucets to remove water stains.

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