32 Monsey Askanim Sign in Support of Assemblyman Lawler

32 Monsey Askanim Sign in Support of Assemblyman Lawler

Rockland Daily Staff

Thirty-two Monsey askanim have declared their support for GOP challenger Assemblyman Miker Lawler who is running for the 17th Congressional District. 

The letter declares that the support of the signators is based on Lawler's record of responsiveness while working tirelessly on behalf of the community.

Some of the assistance credited to Lawler includes facilitating the release of a child from a hospital for a transfer, assisting with DMV, DOT, Health Department issues, and more.

Monsey Askan Hershy Godinger who spends a significant amount of time helping people in the Monsey community shared with RocklandDaily his positive experiences with Assemblyman Mike Lawler.    

“Recently there were plenty of situations which required Lawler’s assistance and he always made himself available to us, Godinger said. 

“He always answered his phone and even followed up afterward at times. He knows the district and he’s here to help.”

The letter also states that Lawler has promised to help the frum community in its fight to protect our yeshivas. This promise includes speaking with Republican leadership and being committed to passing legislation on the federal level that will ban state government from dictating the educational parameters for any school.

Sinai Halberstam, an askan in the Suffern school district, attested to Lawler’s loyalty by saying “He’s a true friend to our community.”

The endorsement concludes with a plea for all to go out and vote today and especially to make sure to vote for Mike Lawler.

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